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Barb Montgomery

Barb Montgomery


Meet Barb Montgomery

Barb Montgomery’s career in the broadcasting industry is a testament to her versatility and passion for storytelling. Starting her journey at CJCH Radio in Halifax, Barb honed her skills as a copywriter. Her talent for crafting compelling narratives led her to positions at CKY Radio in Winnipeg and subsequently to pivotal roles in Calgary at CFCN TV and CFAC Radio, where her contributions continued to resonate across the airwaves.

Barb’s approach to music and concerts reveals a discerning taste. Her appreciation for music is nuanced, focusing on individual songs rather than specific artists, highlighting her open-minded approach. Her concert experiences, from the Beach Boys to the Bee Gees, to Ringo Starr, underscore her appreciation for live music, albeit with a preference for the meticulous production of studio sound.

Barb’s love for writing and storytelling is deeply ingrained, stemming from her early fascination with radio’s dynamic landscape. Choosing radio as her career path was a natural decision for Barb, driven by her early exposure to the rich tapestry of genres and formats that radio offered. Her journey reflects a deep-seated passion for the art of radio broadcasting, a medium that continues to evolve yet remains anchored by the creative spirits like Barb Montgomery, who have shaped its history and continue to define its future.