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Gerry O’Day

Gerry O'Day


Meet Gerry O’Day

Known for his deep musical knowledge and versatile radio career, Gerry O’ Day made a bold on-air decision that set the tone for his future the moment Elvis Presley passed away. Just three weeks into his first radio job, he chose to break format and dedicate the airwaves to Elvis, playing his songs and taking calls from grieving fans. This move earned him a reputation as one of the go-to musicologists on Canadian Radio.

O’Day’s career has been as expansive, with stints in Penticton, Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Kelowna, marking a journey through many of Canada’s most influential radio stations. His expertise and passion for music led him to be Music Director and Program Director at these stations, with nearly two decades at 650 CISL in Vancouver.

Known affectionately as Gerry “O’Rock” O’Day and “Mr. Lonely,” his unique monikers reflect his dynamic on-air presence and deep connection with his audience. O’Day’s significant contributions include launching “Canada Jam,” a show that celebrated Canadian music and was broadcast across the country and internationally.