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1980; using the andy warhol signature style of boarders on the left and right side of the picture, use a retro synth wave colour scheme, create an image featuring albums like Pink Floyd\'s The Wall, and Billy Joel\'s Glass House


Top 5 Albums of 1980 – Defining a Decade 

Top 5 Albums of 1980 – Defining a Decade  In 1980, the music world was a vibrant tapestry of evolving sounds and emerging legends.  As disco's glitter faded, rock reasserted its dominance on the charts, paving the way for a decade where music became an experience. This was a year marked by iconic releases from artists who not only defined their careers but also left an indelible mark on the […]

today24 April 2024

1976, the evolution of iconic rock and roll bands, Queen, David Bowie, Diana Ross, The Four Seasons, Aerosmith


A Season of Melodic Transformations – The Top 5 Songs of the Spring of 1976

As the mid-1970s unfolded, the spring of 1976 emerged as a pivotal moment in the annals of music history. This period marked not just a change in seasons but also a significant shift in the musical zeitgeist, characterized by an eclectic mix of genres that captured the spirit of transformation and innovation. From rock and roll's enduring influence to the burgeoning sounds of disco, soul, and the nascent punk movement, […]

today11 March 2024